Minister’s Letter

September 2022 – January 2023

I’m glad Andrew’s good with anniversaries. Were he not, I’d have overlooked that we’ve been in our current buildings (erected in 1962) for 60 years this year, the two of us have been with you for exactly half that time (30 years), and by some years I’m now the Chapel’s longest standing pastor since the Chapel’s congregation came together in our old building in 1839 (which was destroyed by enemy bombing 101 years later in 1940). It’s also likely Andrew is our longest-serving Chair of Trustees, but there is no Chapel roll of our officers’ service. There should be and, if there was, Andrew’s name would be joined by Edwin’s, Bruce’s, Stephen’s and Sue’s. God bless these good companions whose service I am sure, as an old-fashioned theist, is recorded for eternity in a much higher place. I pray our saints of old, who built and preserved our first chapel, who erected and maintained our present premises until my generation took over the reins, and those who have served us well since, will be joined by yet others. I think of David quietly tending and beautifying our grounds week in week out. I think also of Richard. Having quite literally overseen the renewal of our flat roofs in 2021 (in rain of biblical proportions), he has just similarly overseen the unavoidable cutting down and trimming of several of our substantial trees. Again his tendering and oversight has saved us a fortune and ensured a job very well done. Then there’s Jason, a Trustee notwithstanding his comparatively recent association with us and youth, adding to our community outreach and service with his monthly concert series based at the Chapel. And speaking of tendering, Andrew and I finally put our relationship on an even surer footing with a Civil Partnership at Lambeth Town Hall on 28th September. This is just a simple two plus two service. Sue and Ant Sidford represent our families, our chapel and wider group of friends, and you’ve not been forgotten. You’re in our thoughts and prayers constantly and you’ll receive an invite to something soon.

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