Minister’s Letter

May 2022 – Aug 2022

As I write, we have the electrician in at the chapel, sorting out old wiring and installing new sockets and light fittings. A few weeks ago, it was the plumber. It’s good to be in a position to get these things done. A great help has been our carparking revenue and I’ve enjoyed having an opportunity to tell some of our carparking customers what we’ve been doing with their money and to thank them. In the course of our conversations, I’ve learned why they are with us. There are a lot of tradesmen working in the area midweek. Weekends its usually tourists to Brixton and those attending events at the O2. They all have their stories and I have received a lovely postcard from a gallery manager in Barnsley who particularly appreciated our location and welcome to Brixton. I’m also getting to know some of our regular users who, I trust, are beginning to feel somewhat part of the place like our hall users. Even more satisfying, of course, has been a steady trickle of Chapel visitors post Covid-19 lockdown when we have been somewhat weak in numbers, some of whom have returned regularly and two of whom we welcomed into membership at our AGM (Andrew and Iain).

When I had to be up North seeing my folks recently and we had no ministerial cover, our new members and friends (Lauren and Jacob) helped take the service. I so wished I’d been there. A newcomer said how impressed she’d been in the visitors’ book. I had felt the old familiar spirit come among us at Easter; that sudden, deep-down joy. I could have lingered over our Easter lunch at Argan in Clapham all afternoon had Cynthia not needed to get home. Just as well she did, however. The red wine was going down all too easily! I had been readied for Holy Week by our District Minister’s (Jim’s) Palm Sunday Service and, that evening, by the Choir of King’s College London (CKCL) at St John’s Smith Square thanks to an invite from choir member Ricky who does our IT and is Jason’s younger brother. CKCL performed Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. With all that’s going on in Ukraine, it was most affecting to listen to sublime holy music in Russian sung so well by Ricky and his fellow students in those magnificent surroundings. My heart reached out to all those many Russians who do not support Putin’s war against Ukraine, and especially to those who’ve been so brave in their opposition, before I thought of what an awful Easter it would be for so many Ukrainians.

On TV recently I saw an elderly Ukrainian lady lighting a candle in a cold, damp, dark basement, praying that God would protect her and her neighbours and their family pets sheltering there. Her modest plea moved me greatly. I thought of her and her guinea pig chewing obliviously on his rubbery bit of cauliflower as I made your payment of £1000 to the British Red Cross Ukrainian Appeal. Thank you for that. 

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