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2. Enjoying Our Simple & Inclusive Faith read here
3. Our Sunday Service at 10:30am and Refreshments to Follow read here
4. Making Sunday Special and a Preparation for the Week Ahead read here
5. How we do That read here
6. Elements of our Interactive Sunday Service read here
7. The Importance of Music read here
8. Join us: What’s not to Like?!

2. Enjoying Our Simple & Inclusive Faith

In common with most of humankind, we feel called to come together with likeminded others to experience a spiritual reality within, between and even beyond ourselves, traditionally called God.

Our God is, however, profoundly simple, this worldly and inclusive. God to us is the wholesome Spirit of Life found in all Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We believe in life before death, and in cultivating the Spirit of Life for ourselves and for others in this life, for this life; if most of us hope that, beyond this world, there is a heaven for all of humankind where, one day, we might join our departed loved ones in eternal bliss.

On our hallowed ground Sunday after Sunday at 10:30am since 1839, those who value a gently rational, inclusive, mindful, pleasantly traditional, chapel-based faith, have found good company, acceptance, forgiveness, consolation, healing, renewal, resilience, inspiration, joy and courage. You can too. Our post service refreshments are also the best in Brixton, especially our freshly ground Algerian Stores’ Soho Coffee!

3. Our Sunday Service at 10:30am and Refreshments to Follow

Our community comes together formally at 10:30am each Sunday, and less formally in our catch-up and celebration time with each other over after service refreshments (as already mentioned) and seasonal occasional meals on and off-site.

All are welcome!

4. Making Sunday Special and a Preparation for the Week Ahead

In so coming together we make our Sundays truly special, setting us up spiritually for the week ahead, so as to be mindfully in it, appreciative, flexible and resilient, and better prepared to enjoy its ups and to face its downs.

5. How we do That

By marking our respect for the Spirit of Life in our regular attendance; in giving thanks for our many blessings, making confession, seeking forgiveness, asking for guidance and help in life for ourselves and others; and where we are able by giving to uphold the cause of Brixton Unitarians and its work in the community and the external fundraising campaigns it supports from time to time.

6. Elements of our Interactive Sunday Service

(1) Complimentary Reflective Readings
World religions, literature, poetry, etc
Minister (usually Julian)

(2) Live Classical & Other Worthy Thematic Music
Performed by our Musical Director and guest musicians, including tenors and sopranos

(3) Thematic Hymn Singing
Inclusive, modern and more traditional (particularly at Christmas, etc)
Voluntary, but popular. We have helped many reluctant and indeed resistant singers to find their singing voice and to very much enjoy hymn singing.

(4) Thematic Meditations & Prayers

(5) Joys & Concerns Candle Lighting (Silent & Spoken)

(6) Voluntary Giving for the Work of the Chapel
Sunday Service, Minister in the community, our Brixton Legal Centre, etc

(7) Interactive Reflection
Minister & Congregation

(8) It Wasn’t All Bad!
3 x Positive News Stories

(9) Blessing for the Week Ahead

(10) First Sunday of the Month
(a) Inclusive Rededication Communion
To Truth, Beauty and Goodness
(b) Foodbank Collection
A major part of our corporate and individual spiritual practice
Focussing on the latest particular requests from the Norwood & Brixton Foodbank

(11) Last Sunday of the Month
Mindful Meditation

7. The Importance of Music

For Brixton Unitarians music is a very important part of the spiritual life, and we are blessed in our modern premises which have a fine acoustic and are ideal for in-service and post-service performances, and in our MD Jason and AMD Ricky, and our Autumn, Winter and Spring Concert Series (see Post-service Music below).

(1) In-service Music

(a) We imaginatively follow the Church and National Year and mark New Year, Lent, Mothering Sunday, Easter, St George’s Day, Father’s Day, Harvest Festival, All Saints / All Souls, Remembrance Sunday, Advent, Christmas and Year End. On all of these occasions, special music is selected by Minister Julian and MD Jason, and we are often joined by a Tenor or Soprano.

(b) Our regular Sundays are all thematic too, and again Julian and Jason select appropriate music, hymns and folk songs.

(2) Post-service Music: Brixton Unitarians’ Concert Series

In-service music is complimented by post-service music once a month, in the form of Brixton Unitarians’ Concert Series put on by Jason and Ricky. These concerts start at 12:15pm and last approximately one hour and are timed to be convenient for those who have attended our service that morning and for the many now coming-in from further afield. They showcase recognised emerging talent, are an education and a delight, and have become another important part of our spiritual practice.

View our Music page here.

8. Join Us: What’s not to Like?