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2. Introduction & Our Celebrant read here
3. Venue/s read here
4. Namings & Christenings read here
5. Weddings & Blessings read here
6. Funerals read here

2. Introduction & Our Celebrant

Julian Smith, FRSA read more
Unitarian Celebrant (Humanist / Multi-faith / Liberal Christian)
Honorary Minister, Brixton Unitarians (Founded 1839) (92 -)
Authorised Person (Marriages), London Borough of Lambeth (93 -)

Helping make your special days extra special for more than 30 years!

Julian is a highly experienced, competent and in-demand professional celebrant, who has been putting together highly personalised and successful special services since he joined us as a very young man way back in 1992; and he has conducted special services in many distinguished places, including: The Inner Temple, Inns of Court, London; Emmanuel College, Cambridge; King’s College, London; and Dalhousie Castle (in the company of Charlotte Church), near Edinburgh, Scotland.

3. Venue/s

All are welcome to use our well-built and maintained 20th Century Society noted, classic, original, mid-century, middle-sized (seating up to 100), small town American style chapel (Tayler, 1962), with accomplished Musical Director and Assistant Musical Director, organ, grand piano (Berlin, 1902), (unique amongst places of worship in Brixton) on-site 8 space car park, central Brixton location, and first-rate transport links.

However, as already mentioned, we do off-site special services. Most funeral services and all committals are off-site, and by special arrangement Julian will conduct other services off-site too.

4. Namings/Christenings

We are the only church to offer Namings in addition to Christenings.

Congratulations on your new arrival!

There is no greater joy than the birth of a baby and we are here to help you mark this happiest of events: giving thanks for the safe delivery of mother and child; welcoming the child into its parents’ community of family and friends, and into our wider world; and expressing our best wishes for the child for the future.

For parents from an at least nominally Christian background, a Christening is usually thought most appropriate; and for non-Christians and broadly spiritual parents, a naming; but the choice is entirely that of the parents.

5. Weddings & Blessings

Congratulations on your engagement!

Finding that person who feels like your better half and who you could not imagine the rest of your life without is such an amazing thing, and we will help you both truly seal your love in a Christian or broadly spiritual and magical way in a poignant private service, or in one full to the rafters with family and friends

We are very proud to be the first and only place of worship registered for same-sex weddings in Brixton; Unitarians having been leaders in the campaign for marriage equality per se and in church particularly. 

6. Funerals

Thank you to all funeral directors kindly enquiring about using Julian’s services; and our deepest condolences to any family member/s making such enquiries themselves.

The passing of any human life is a momentous event.

Julian will, first of all, make himself available to support the bereaved family as it requires, drawing on his years’ experience of doing that as a busy inner-city minister.

Julian will then use all his knowledge and experience to help the family to appropriately celebrate their loved one’s life and to move on in fond recollection and gladness, their duty fully done.