‘De Imitatione Christi’ / ‘The Imitation of Christ’ (c 1418-27) by Thomas a Kempis is our major inspiration for Lent.

Lent is not just a time for giving-up, it is also a time for taking-up, the better to come closer to God / Beauty-Truth-Goodness and to feel resurrected with Christ at Easter. The spiritual classic we will be taking-up this year to help us on our way is Thomas a Kempis’ masterpiece, ‘The Imitation of Christ’. This mystical spiritual guidebook is second only to the Bible in its translation into the world’s languages and circulation, and has had an enormous influence on not just Western Christianity, but on Christianity around the world and spirituality per se.

So we are asking our members and regulars and anybody who will be joining us to buy this (latest Penguin edition) ASAP (Lent Starts on Ash Wednesday next week at the time of writing), or if that’s too difficult practically or financially, to request a copy via me. We will be reading this at home as directed each week, and unpacking its contents each Sunday with time provided for congregational discussion.

I’ll be in touch again with your reading for the week on Ash Wednesday. Be sure to have your copy of ‘The Imitation of Christ’ by then and to be truly ready to begin Lent.

Much love


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