Join distinguished gay rights activist Peter Tatchell and former Unitarians UK CEO Derek McAuley (successful campaigner for same sex marriage, and in church too) at Golders Green Unitarians to learn more about Unitarians’ national and local pioneering work in the field of LGBTQ+ equality and service. ‘Integroup’, set-up in 1970 to provide get-togethers between gay and straight people to promote mutual understanding, gets a mention. This was established by our former minister with pastoral oversight, the late Rev Dr Tony Cross (90-91), when Minister at Lewisham. Tony was my principal and tutor at Manchester College, Oxford and a close friend to our chairman Andrew and I for many years until his passing. Indeed, I provided his obituary for the denominational newspaper, The Inquirer, and GA handbook for that year. He was responsible for our both joining Brixton Unitarians in 1992. Ever since, Brixton Unitarians have been proud to welcome LGBTQ+ folk and to conduct special services for them, including relationship commitment ceremonies and blessings and now gay marriage (being the first place of worship to do so in Brixton).


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