Week Ending & Sunday 14th Feb 11:30am Service (Stoics for Valentine’s Day) Zoom Access

Dear Friends

I hope this finds you all well. 

1. Herewith our Zoom access for Sunday’s Service at 11:30am:

Meeting ID: 815 8836 9795 
Passcode: 140231

2. Attached hereto (e-mail version):

 (1) the Speccie’s Portrait of the Week;

(2) The Main Stories, each over two pages, the fist page containing the ‘It Wasn’t All Bad’ readings for Stephen, Sue and Andrew in that order; and

(3) the hymns from the Green Book (Hymns for Living) for Jason (176, 280, 15, 9), who will also put the words on screen on the day.

3. A few words from moi …

I hope your week’s been bearable. Andrew slipped on ungritted pavement ice and took a fall on the way for a check-up at the hospital. He was fine, but it left him thinking about how easily one can get injured and along with two friends this week he asks you to take care. Mars Marston slipped on black ice on the way to work, and Danny Crawshaw’s wife ended up in hospital with a broken leg. It’s also very, very, cold even in Waterloo, and especially when the wind gets up, so there’s even more to be said for being at home right now. 

It’s not been a hectic week for me. I’ve just had to brief Richard who is helping as Clerk of Works on the new flat roofs, I’ve had some funeral-related prep work, I’m supporting one of our extended community who is in a bad way after a messy marriage break-up, and I’ve advised several good folks needing legal advice in difficult circumstances via our legal centre. Which has left lots of time for my fascinating 10 week online folklore course with one of the country’s top folklorists. I’ve had a great time amongst a lovely group, and I hope to share insights with you in the coming months. My interest in folk music has also been rekindled, sparked again as originally by Bagpus who my tutor is also enamoured by it turns out. 

And so to Sunday, which is Valentine’s Day … remember that?!

Much love


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